Hope. Faith. Service.

ShareFest-Texas: providing hope to the under-served through collaborative partnerships and community service. 

"Everything is Possible"

– John Thielman, aka “Papa John”
ShareFest-Texas Founder

Who We Are

ShareFest-Texas (SFT) exists to creatively collaborate with leaders, community service organizations and business partners to align our strengths and transform the community’s needs into meaningful projects.

SFT’s mission is to provide hope where none exists and to provide an opportunity for communities to come together in service.

There are many unmet needs within Arlington and through alliances with many different organizations, SFT identifies and works to close those gaps.  These projects provide an opportunity for neighbors to come together to create real and lasting improvements within the community and in the lives of others. In working together, everything is possible.

ShareFest-Texas has truly transformed Kooken Elementary. Students love the improvements and with the murals of koalas in various occupations, they see the relevance to their future careers and professions.

Dr. Connie Spence

Principal, Kooken Elementary

Empowering Youth to Create a Better Tomorrow

ShareFest-Texas is a non-profit 501(c)(3), community-service organization with a mission to provide hope to the under-served through projects that improve the surrounding community. Our mission goes beyond that to enabling youth to create a better tomorrow… for themselves and for others.

Our primary focus is to identify the gaps left when other organizations step back and create initiatives that bring together our youth, our neighbors and local businesses to close those gaps and in doing so, provide for those who cannot provide for themselves.  

ShareFest-Texas is a different kind of non-profit organization, one with programs that help Arlington, Texas, all while giving others an opportunity to serve.

We Can Help with
Your Project

No funds? No time to coordinate volunteers? ShareFest-Texas Can Help!

Send an email to ShareFest.texas@gmail.com to schedule a time to speak with the ShareFest-Texas Project Coordinator.  A ShareFest-Texas representative will spend a few minutes collecting some information regarding your project needs to ensure SFT can help. The next step is to mobilize volunteers for your project. Reach out today to see how creative collaboration will help you and your organization fulfill its community project need. 

Project Planning Flowchart

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