Hope Blanket – Incredible Token of Appreciation!

As ShareFest-Texas starts its THIRD year of its “Safe Housing” initiative we are seeing an accelerated pace, that although challenging, both the donor and volunteer villages are proving they are resilient and keeping up. The SFT Team makes sure the recipients realize the extent of donor effort expended to provide the items they see come through their door and that SFT is but the “messenger”. And very frequently we see their gratitude expressed in “Kleenex Moment” tears from both the moms and their children. However, today a profound highlight occurred when I was called back to last weekend’s recipient and was presented with a crocheted “throw” created by her, shown above. I’m certainly not an expert, but it’s obvious from the variety of cross-patterns, this piece was a work of many, many hours. Her mom and aunt were present and this took my breadth away as days ago there was only a bare apartment with a very humble, but beautiful, witty woman. I accept this only as a token of her appreciation for the hundreds of donors who make this mission the incredible success it has become. Someday soon, when we get an official office, I will hang this in the reception area to remind everyone of “why we do what we do!’ It symbolizes the “Hope” we all deliver!