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FAMILIES Served in 2021

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Who are the Under Served in our community?

Domestic Violence Victims: A pattern of behavior in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner. Abuse is action or threats of action that influence another person. The victim is the recipient of the abuse.

Homeless: An individual is without stable housing. Sheltered homeless can stay find temporary housing, whereas, the unsheltered homeless must live on the streets.

Foster Children: These are children that are being raised, or have been raised, by someone other than their natural or adoptive parents.

At-Risk Children: These are children affected by a negative environment that can cause unacceptable behavior in the home, school, or social environment. Typically this term is used to identify children who may be drawn into street gangs.

Senior / Elderly Citizens: These are typically adults above the age of 65, who have retired from their profession. The elderly are typical those above age of 80, living in an assisted care facility because of health issues.


Make a Donation

Make a Donation

Our Hope Instruments

Through Hope Instruments

We are able to provide to our communities with what we call “Hope Instruments.”  For us, these instruments are Volunteers, Donated Furniture, Donated Household Items, Artwork, Bicycles, Welcome Home Bags & Hygiene Kits, and more. Lastly, the most healing, and important hope instrument we provide is Time.

Our Safe Housing & Relocating

of Domestic Violence Victims: The Process

  • Homeowners notify Sharefest-Texas that they have items that they wish to donate.
  • The items are collected by a Sharefest-Texas team and stored in its storage locations.
  • Women’s shelter vets the potential recipient family for us to serve.
  • The recipient makes a list of essential furniture and household items needed.
  • Welcome Home Bag items are assembled.
  • On move day, designated items are packed into the distribution vehicle &
    the volunteer team travels moves items into the house or apartment, assembling the furniture as necessary. 
  • Motivational art and client-approved décor are installed.

A review of the event is done for purpose of continuous process improvement. See how you can get involved!

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What are our Success Metrics?

  • Volunteer community service hours
  • Number of active volunteers
  • Number and estimated value of donated items
  • Financial donations received
  • Number of families housed and assisted with home furnishings
  • Number of bikes provided to the homeless
  • Number of suitcases provided
  • Number of households donating furniture and household goods
  • Number of referrals
  • Amount of funds raised by segment

How can you help improve our success, and help us provide to our community?


Recent Initiatives

ShareFest-Texas “Wheels in Motion” Bikes Delivered!

Dec 23 Surprise : ShareFest-Texas "Wheels-in-Motion" Bikes Delivered!!! Cold, rainy and little "blustery" some would say but a set of wheels brought out the warmth for two unsheltered homeless today so they can look forward to finding employment in a wider area....

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Effective Immediately: 20 Mile Pickup Radius

Due to the increasing costs of fuel, effectively immediately, there will be a $50 pickup charge for any donation pickup outside a 20 mile radius of our warehouse in Arlington. We appreciate your continued support as we work to continue helping those most in need....

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