Arlington Urban Ministries Gets a Boost

Arlington Urban Ministries Sign

Arlington Urban Ministries (AUM) which provides emergency financial assistance to Arlington residents in crisis, contacted ShareFest-Texas (SFT) for assistance in updating their office. Over the years, AUM maintained its dedication to supporting Arlington families and as a result, its office had fallen into disrepair – the office environment no longer conveyed the warm and welcoming place it once had.

The project began with a brief call between SFT and AUM to discuss the desired outcome and project expectations. SFT then toured the facility and made recommendations based on the potential availability of volunteers. A project plan was developed and SFT outlined the resources needed for improvements which included new landscaping in front of the office and a large mural inside.

On the day of the project, SFT volunteers worked together outside to overhaul AUM’s overgrown and unsightly landscaping, helping it stand out as an inviting and comforting place to those in need. Inside AUM, SFT board member and accomplished muralist, Michael, spent hours creating a compelling, stylized scene of an AUM food pantry event which is their signature monthly event.  The mural sits triumphantly front and center in the AUM office! 

SFT’s entire board then attended AUM’s annual fundraiser in order to help confirm our support!

Michael got a well-deserved standing ovation at a recent AUM event, with Jennifer, the executive director leading the cheers. AUM has commended SFT for helping them achieve their mission of providing emergency financial assistance by gifting them the time, energy and resources of SFT volunteers (estimated value of support is $1,500 in labor and materials). SFT is proud to work with Arlington organizations to help them fulfill unmet needs so they can focus on their mission!


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April 20, 2020