Kooken “Everything’s Possible” Initiative

Kooken Avenue Street Sign

Inspired by the young Kooken Student’s artwork displayed on the ceiling tiles throughout the school hallways and realizing how art positively impacts children, ShareFest-Texas (SFT) embarked on a year-long project to provide motivational mural art on interior walls to help celebrate the school’s 80th Birthday.  ShareFest-Texas’ board member and professional muralist Michael Vaughn, painted Koala Bears (their mascot) in uniforms representing numerous professions; i.e., Wood Workers, Firemen, Scientists, Astronauts, Painters, Doctors, Policewomen on the Kooken Kountry stage base. 

These massive murals served as a way of instilling and showcasing future career aspirations for students.  The policewoman was a former Arlington Police Officer, Jillian Smith Badge who sacrificed her life for a 13 year old child and has been memorialized as a true hero in Arlington.

You know you’ve made an impact when 4, 5 and 6 year old children hug art.  Kooken alums, some in their senior years, attended and celebrated the new Kooken.

Two other highly visible areas that were enhanced with murals, included the school Cafeteria and Library where the importance of reading books was highlighted.

For purposes of increasing the fun for students, professional wood worker Kyle Stewart constructed “Koala Signs” in main hallways –making even changing classrooms an enjoyable experience.

In addition, using network contacts, SFT was able to procure needed appliances, office furniture, etc. at discount.  To celebrate the contributions of staff and teachers, again using network of Arlington restaurants, SFT made deliveries of pizzas, bundt cakes, decorated cookies, breakfasts and lunches on special occasions.


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April 20, 2020