Today’s event represents the 100th Apartment Furnished since starting the “Safe Housing” Initiative in 2020!
Reaching milestones at a much faster pace this year has shown our work on the optimizing our new warehouse, collection and distribution processes has enabled us to serve more women’s shelter clients. We are succeeding in shrinking the backlog! Both Safe Haven clients today illustrated the critical need for what we deliver well beyond the furniture. When we present our signature light that depicts the hundreds of “hands and hearts ” that donated so much to our mission in the form of a home with the light representing her journey from the darkness of her past it sinks in immediately that she has experienced a victory. There’s a lot of love exhibited each time and the sign mementoes left behind repeat that message. And each time we see varying levels of past trauma transform into a profound sense of relief and reality of the promise of better tomorrows to follow. Today’s event showed where the “before” and “after” difference was emphatic.
If you’re interested in contributing in any way to this or SFT’s other initiatives, please visit our website at WWW.ShareFest-Texas.Org. You may also email us at
Please leave comments, and/or “likes” and share with friends as we are seeking more volunteers as our own case load is still increasing.