With each “Safe Housing Initiative” move we look for a theme that resonates with that day’s activity and “Harmony” came out loud and clear today.  Despite the heat, carrying furniture upstairs and rearranging among scurrying, sometimes crying children. a keen sense of mom and team working towards the same goal overshadowed what to others might seem to be chaos.  Seeing two sub-4 children dancing on a coffee table is precisely a reason why SFT volunteers are so enthusiastic about these events.  Knowing that the mom and her little ones had seen their last night on an air-mattress after months on the floor provides satisfaction.  It also added needed energy as we headed to the second move of the morning. Where temp was already in the 90’s.   Coming off an all-night work shift had no impact on this recipient’s enthusiasm while watching her empty-too-long apartment transform into a fully furnished HOME in less than 30 minutes.  Although a much quieter “install”, the heartfelt gratitude expressed from both recipients again showed that the domestic violence cloud had been replaced with a ray of hope provided by all the village donors and volunteers that support ShareFest-Texas.

An added benefit for ShareFest-Texas with these last two weekends of moves, is that the recipients are now our clients as well and we can return as needed without a case worker.

Also significant with today’s moves, is that ShareFest-Texas did not achieve this milestone until late August in 2021!