In every instance, we receive many different levels of gratitude expressed from the recipient and their children and those always provide the motivation for our volunteer team to continue to do more and do it even better. Frequently there are “heart-tug” wow moments that make us pause and be thankful we not only have been blessed to discover this need-niche but that our item donor community has supported us so we can provide what’s required so readily. An example of the gratitude was the 8 year old accepting (and not letting go) of the “Bandana Bear” given to her. And watching as we assembled and arranged the furniture, then exclaiming “Mom, we get to eat at our own table tonight!” (probably for the first time in weeks, if not months!) After all the furniture has been properly placed we present the SFT light to the mom, explaining that its shape of a home represents hers now, that all of the “heart-hands” hands belong to the village of donors who support and know about her, that the light is to erase the darkness of the past and is His light we are passing. That is to remind her she is not alone and finally her name which is etched into the glass symbolizes that He and many other know her name, she is not alone. About then, the Kleenex is needed…but this time the teen son behind me said “that’s the happiest I have seen my mom in years!” The SFT team is but the messengers for you, the readers and donors. 

Another bonus of this move was having our November 5th Fund Raiser Event coordinator and daughter with us! Observing and making the bed helped ingrain just what’s involved in “Community Service”, ShareFest-Texas style! 

If you felt the “tug” reading the above, imagine being present and how you’d feel walking away. 

Come join us sometime just once…we’d love to share these very special moments with you