“Transition and recovery” was the joint theme present in this day’s move of a dad, mom and son who, facing health issues, had long been searching for a place to restart their lives together. As the small renovated Arlington apartment became available, the family immediately moved in, spending the night on the floor yet under a secure roof instead of a night sky. The dad proactively stepped forward and offered to assist in the physical move of chosen items arriving at 7 AM for the Sharefest-Texas warehouse extraction and staging. From there the SFT team picked and loaded the trailer for the short travel distance. The team was enhanced by a recent Safe Haven mom who wanted to “pay it forward” to help another as she had been helped. This was a step she thought necessary in her own recovery journey and at the end of the day we could see the transformation had begun to take place during the simple decorating process. SFT will now solicit participation from past clients as a result. Each and every move, big or small, changes the furnishing team in some way no matter how many times they’ve participated. ShareFest-Texas has now performed over 120 full and over a dozen partial apartments moves in under two years and we expect the pace to increase as both the domestic violence and homeless cases continue to increase in volume. 

If you have any desire to assist the SFT team with these housing efforts please contact Penny at pfinkenstadt@gmail.com or go to our website at ShareFest-Texas.org to volunteer. 

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