Yet another Zero-Milestone zips past and these both clearly had a lot of spiritual movement among both SFT Team and Recipients. First we were joined by DFW Professional Group who had put together mom and children “Welcome Home” bags for the past few months. They were amazing and are totally “hooked” with our mission. Secondly, we had an awesome donor collection and received high quality items to utilize on this day for both homes. As we interview recipients before furnishing we found both to have faith based strength so we brought supporting art “reminders” they requested. The younger one took about a nano-second to master the “mobile” we’d brought and the apartment traffic pattern.

Second mom, by herself with only a cot but in a nicely renovated apartment was appreciative of the furnishings but overwhelmed by the SFT light and its significance. Being told of the hundreds in our village that make all this possible means so much to all the moms as we find many feel forgotten amongst everything else going on in the world. We were followed out the door and received a lot of gratitude while we wished her a “Happy Birthday”, aka, a new start!

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