Dec 23 Surprise : ShareFest-Texas “Wheels-in-Motion” Bikes Delivered!!!

Cold, rainy and little “blustery” some would say but a set of wheels brought out the warmth for two unsheltered homeless today so they can look forward to finding employment in a wider area. That’s what our “WIM Initiative” is all about where since early 2020 we’ve collected, repaired and distributed over 200 bikes. They find work where they can consistently get to, then earn enough to qualify for an agency-sponsored program apartment which we furnish via our “Safe-Housing” initiative. They then can come volunteer or work for us, paying it forward and voila, we have a transformed with hope individual thanks to a donated bike. These two also received new sleeping bags, tent, suitcases and blankets all of which were donated.

Doesn’t take much to make someone’s Christmas a whole lot better. Don’t have to look far for the opportunity. Doing so will make your Christmas as well!

If you’d like to add your hands to ShareFest-Texas’ volunteer squad for one of our 10 initiatives, call our new number at (817)-369-8080.